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Customized Databases

Through the years of experience that we have in this business, we understood that “not everybody needs everything” and most of the queries we get from our prospects and customers are to do with them requiring data from specific niches in specific areas. Therefore, we devised a strategy by which we can get and give to our customers EXACTLY what they want at almost a fraction of the costs involved.

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This is where customization of our databases came to play. We understood that everybody may not need 40 million records of an entire country when you wish to market your Company’s products or services to a very specific niche or within a specified area. In simple terms – Targeted.

Imagine knocking on a door and already knowing who’s going to open it? You can greet them by name! Therefore, we can provide our customers data that is SO targeted that you get your message across to the right people.

This is the section of our website from where you can order databases compiled from within other databases that would be customized and tailored according to your needs. Feel free to Contact us and let us know your requirement. That’s all.

Do fill in the form below to let us know what exactly you need and from where. If you need consultation, we will assist you. All you need to do is start a chat with us, (if we are online that is; we are real people and we need holidays too), or simply contact us using the form on the Contact Page. Do try and be as  detailed as you can in your query. We love reading Mails!

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