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Media Contacts PRO is a dream come true for PR professionals who can’t afford the hefty $2,000 (or more!) media list services but need precisely targeted press release distribution and pitching lists. Our media directory (US and International) puts you in touch with the who’s who of the industry, so you can pitch your news and gain the coverage you deserve.

We provide the all-inclusive media directory, listing all USA TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Black, Hispanic Media, Syndicates, Networks, Online Media, E-Mail addresses, URLs, Fax Numbers, and much more!

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Getting in touch with the right person quickly and efficiently is vital.

Media Contacts Pro provides access to comprehensive and current media lists (over 500,000 media contacts and 89,000 Media Outlets). An organization’s success depends on whether its influential audiences hear its messages.

With Media Contacts Pro, you can be sure to reach the correct journalist. Create, edit, save and distribute to media lists 24×7.

Effortlessly distribute traditional and multimedia press releases to the journalists, bloggers, and media outlets that matter to you.

check29 Quickly research reporters and outlets: Our media directories include in-depth profiles of hundreds of thousands of reporters, editors, and columnists. You’ll be able to search for the reporters and outlets of most interest to you and create customized media lists by publication, market, beat, or other criteria.

check29 Build laser-focused lists: Create your lists using the nation’s most influential journalists and staff members at the top newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, websites, bloggers, and trade journals. View media outlets.

check29 Access the most current and accurate information available: Media Contacts Pro’s Media Database is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive media resources. Our exclusive media databases are used daily by the world’s most significant Press Release and Public Relations firms. Each day our team of experienced media research experts makes more than 15,000 updates to our media database, ensuring your media contacts are continually updated so you don’t have to.

check29 Download your list in Excel / CSV Format: Media Contacts Pro lets you create and edit a list, then save it and export it. Use the text (CSV) format to import to access other database programs. Or, export your list as an Excel file!

check29 International Media Contacts Lists Available Here: The largest and most comprehensive database internationally with contact data for Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

check29 Easy to use: Even novice users can build lists in minutes with Excel’s sort/filter options.

check29 Pitching Tips: Help you learn precisely how and when to send your story for the greatest likelihood of pick up. Make sure to read our treasure trove of articles.


check29 Create your lists using the nation’s most influential journalists and staff members at the top newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, websites, bloggers, and trade journals.

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