Media Contacts Database List and Directory, Seattle WA


Data Type: All
Area / Location: Seattle, WA
No. of Records: 1,850+
File Type: CSV



Media in Seattle includes long-established newspapers, television and radio stations, and an evolving panoply of smaller, local art, culture, neighborhood and political publications, film-making and, most recently, Internet media. As of the fall of 2009, Seattle has the 20th largest newspaper and the 13th largest radio and television market in the United States. The Seattle media market also serves Puget Sound and Western Washington.

The location of Microsoft just outside Seattle in nearby Redmond, and the growth of interactive media companies have made Seattle prominent in new digital media.

Database Particulars:

Cable network 30
Cable station 4
College newspaper 36
Freelance journalist 8
Magazine, consumer 239
Magazine, customer/inflight 8
Magazine, news and business 43
Magazine, trade/technical 85
News Agency/Wire service, regional bureau 26
Newsletter, consumer 16
Newsletter, trade 20
Newspaper 344
Newspaper, regional bureau 2
Online news source 10
Online publication 93
Organization 2
Publication, academic/scientific 15
Radio network 3
Radio program 28
Radio station 522
Radio, regional bureau 2
Special section 4
Syndicated column 4
Television program 20
Television station 314
Weblog 3
Newspaper 2
Grand Total 1883

Fields Contained within the Database: