Target Media Categories

In addition to our general distribution category, we have the following target categories all included in our Media Contacts:

Arts & Entertainment

Government & Politics

Society & Culture


Canadian Government 

Consumer/General Interest 
 Art History  Adult
 Artists  Government  Advice
 Book Reviews  Armed Forces  Affluent Lifestyle
 Books  Civil Service  Astrology & Parapsychology
 Collectors  e-government  Celebrations & Parties
 Dance  Federal Government  Children & Youth
 Exhibitions  Federal Legislation  College/Student Lifestyle
 Fine Arts  Government Agencies  Consumer Affairs
 Graphic Arts  Government Healthcare  Country Living
 Journalism  History  Culture
 Museums & Galleries  Homeland Security  Dining & Cooking
 Music Fans  Immigration  Event/Party Planning
 Musical Instruments  International Organizations  Family & Parenting
 Screenwriting  Law Enforcement  Fitness & Exercise
 Writing  Local Governments  Fraternal Organizations & Clubs
 Public Issues  Gifts

 Public Transportation  Gossip
 Cable Television  Social Policy  Identity Theft
 Calendar & Events  Social Security  Lifestyle
 Cartoons  Social Services/Welfare  Mature Lifestyle
 Casinos & Gaming  Social Work  Men’s Interests
 Celebrities  State Governments  Outdoor Recreation
 Concerts & Tours  U.S. Presidents  Paranormal
 Entertainment Awards  People
 Film Festivals  Politics  Pets
 Games  Business of Politics  Regional General Interest
 Hollywood  Campaigns/Elections  Relationships
 Humor  International Relations  Romance
 Local Entertainment Guides  Local Politics  Royalty
 Movies & Video  National Politics  Seasons & Holidays
 Nightlife  Political Humor  Self Help
 Pop Culture  Political Parties  Sex
 Radio/TV/Cable  State Politics  Singles & Dating
 Television  Society
 Theater & Performing Arts  Spirituality
 TV/Radio Listing Guides
Health & Science
 Urban Affairs

& Conditions
 Women’s Interests
 Alternative/Underground Music  AIDS/HIV  Youth/Teenage
 Christian Music  Allergies
 Classic Rock  Autoimmune Diseases  Crafts
Hobbies  & Collecting 
 Classical/Choral/Band  Birth Defects  Antiques/Collectibles
 Concert Guides & Music Reviews  Blood Disorders  Billiards
 Country, Folk, Bluegrass  Bone Diseases  Ceramics, Glass & Pottery
 Gospel & Religious Music  Cancer  Chess
 Jazz & Blues  Circulation Diseases  Coins & Coin Collecting
 Oldies/Nostalgia  Dental Conditions  Craft & Hobby Dealers
 Pop Music  Digestion & Nutrition Disorders  Dolls & Dollhouses
 R&B, Urban, World  Ear Conditions  Guns, Knives & Weapons
 Rap & Hip Hop  Eating Disorders  Hobbies
 Rock  Eye Conditions  Quilting
 Genetic Diseases  Radio Controls & Models

Visual Arts 
 Heart Diseases  Stamps & Currency
 Cinematography  Hormonal Conditions  Toys
 Consumer Interest Photography  Infectious Diseases  Trading Cards & Comics
 Drawing & Sketching  Intestinal Diseases  Woodworking
 Photography Arts  Kidney Diseases
 Professional Photography  Liver Diseases  Ethnic
& Multicultural 
 Sculpture  Mental Health  African
 Metabolic Diseases  African American
 Neurological Disorders  American Indian

Agriculture & Farming
 Pregnancy Complications  Arabic
 Prostate Diseases  Armenian

 Respiratory Diseases  Asian
Agribusiness  Sexual Disorders  British
AgriculturalEquipment  Skin Conditions  Cambodian
AgriculturalPolicy  Sleep Disorders  Chinese
Aquaculture  Speech-Language Disorders  Czech
Beekeeping  Stroke(s)  Danish
Crops  Tropical Diseases  Dutch
Dairy  Estonian
Fish&Fisheries  Health
& Medicine
Forestry  Alternative Medicine  Finnish
Fruits  Anesthesiology  French
Grain,Feed,Rice,&Cotton  Cardiology  German
Horticulture  Children’s Health  Greek
Nuts  Contamination Control  Haitian
RuralDevelopment  Death & Dying  Hebrew
Tobacco  Dentistry  Hindi
Vegetables  Dermatology  Hispanic
 Disease Management  Hungarian

Animal Science 
 Endocrinology  Indian
 Animal Behavior  Epidemiology  Iranian
 Animal Health  First Aid  Irish
 Cattle & Livestock  Gastroenterology  Italian
 Hogs & Pork  Geriatrics  Japanese
 Horses & Horsebreeding  Hematology  Korean
 Poultry  Medical Diagnostics  Latvian
 Veterinary Medicine  Men’s Health  Lithuanian
 Neurology  Norwegian

 Obesity  Other Ethnic Groups
 Farm Management  Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN)  Pakistani
 Farmers  Ophthalmology & Optometry  Polish
 Food Safety  Orthodontics  Portuguese
 Organic Farming  Osteopathic Medicine  Punjabi
 Rural Living/Farm Life  Otolaryngology  Romanian
 Pain Management  Russian
 Personal Health  Scandinavian
 Automotive  Personal Safety  Scottish
 Podiatry  Serbian

ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles)
 Procedures & Therapies  Slovakian

Auto Repair
 Psychiatry  Swedish

Auto Safety
 Psychology  Tamil

 Public Health & Safety  Thai

Automobile Association Publications
 Radiology  Turkish

Automotive Electronics
 Reproductive Medicine  Ukrainian

Automotive Legislation
 Rheumatology  Urdu

Automotive Manufacturing
 Sexuality  Vietnamese

 Alternative Fuel Vehicles  Telemedicine
Funerals & Cemeteries 
 Antique & Collectible Cars  Transplantation
 Car Buyer’s Guides  Urology & Nephrology  Religion
 Car Dealers  Women’s Health  Buddhism
 Car Enthusiasts  Catholic
 Car Wash  Healthcare  Christian
 Charitable Vehicle Donation  Doctors, Physicians & Surgeons  Hinduism
 Concept Cars  Health Administration  Jewish
 Driving  Health Providers  Muslim
 Electric Vehicles  Healthcare Regulation & Policy  Prayer
 Four Wheel Drive  Home Healthcare  Religious Administration
 Kit Cars  Long Term Care  Theology
 Managed Care

Leasing, Rentals & Fleets
 Medical Devices
Social Issues

Makes & Models
 Medical Malpractice  Animal Rights

 Medical Technology  Civil Rights

Other Vehicles
 Nursing/Nurses  Disabilities

Road Test
 Patient Support  Diversity

 Technicians & Support Staff  Ethics/Ethical Issues

Vehicle Fleets & Highway Safety
 Therapists  Family Planning
 Universal Healthcare  Feminism
 Firearms Policy

Business & Finance
 Hospitals  Human Rights
 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Lifestyle

 Bank Management  Hospital Economics  Minority Affairs
 Bank Mergers & Acquisitions  Hospital Facilities Management  Morality
 Bank Protection & Security  Medical Research & Development  Pollution
 Banking Regulation  Non-Profit Hospitals & Institutions  Poverty & Hunger
 Banking Risk Management  Outpatient Care  Pro Choice
 Banking Technology  Pro Life
 Commercial Banking  Medicine  Race & Racism
 Community Banking  Clinical  Social Opinion
 Currencies  EMS/Emergency Medical Services  Terrorism
 Electronic Banking/ATMs  Family Medicine  Veterans’ Affairs
 Investment Banking  Lab Medicine  Violence
 Lending  Nuclear Medicine
 Mortgages  Occupational Medicine
 Online Banking  Orthopedics
 Retail Banking  Specialized Medicine
Amateur Sports
 Sports Medicine


 Accounting  Pharmaceuticals
Collegiate Sports
 ATM/Debit/Credit Cards
Contact Sports
 Brand Licensing  Science
Disabled Sports
 Brokerage Companies  Anthropology
Drugs in Sports
 Business Awards  Archaeology
Fantasy Sports
 Business Calendar  Astronomy
Field Sports
 Business Columnist  Biochemistry & Biophysics
Games, Competitions & Events
 Business Fraud  Biology
High School Sports
 Business Productivity  Biotechnology
 Business Services & Support  Botany
Olympic Sports
 Business-to-Business (B2B)  Chemistry
Professional Sports
 Careers  Entomology  Extreme Sports
 CEOs & Business Leaders  Geography  Gymnastics
 Charitable Foundations  Geology & Geophysics  Ice Hockey
 Client Communications  Lab Equipment  Ice Skating/Figure Skating
 Collections  Library & Information Science  Lacrosse
 Compliance  Life Sciences  Profession Track & Field
 Consumer Credit  Mathematics  Professional Baseball
 Corporate Management  Meteorology  Professional Basketball
 Credit Unions  Microbiology  Professional Boxing
 Diversified Companies  Physics  Professional Cycling
 Economics & Economy  Physiology  Professional Football (American)
 Emerging Industries  Scientific Research  Professional Rugby
 Emerging Trends  Social Sciences & Sociology  Professional Sailing
 Employee Compensation & Benefits  Zoology  Professional Skateboarding
 Employment  Professional Snow Skiing
 Enterprise  Professional Snowboarding
 Professional Soccer
 Franchises  Professional Softball
 Human Resources  Bathroom Accessories  Professional Surfing
 Industry Leaders  Bathrooms  Professional Swimming/Watersports
 International Business  Carpeting  Professional Tennis
 Labor  Decorative Accessories/Gifts  Professional Volleyball
 Mergers & Acquisitions  Do-it-Yourself  Professional Women’s Sports
 Minority & Women-Based Enterprises  Fireplaces  Professional Wrestling
 Non-Profit  Flooring  Rodeo
 Office Design  Furniture & Home Furnishings
 Office Equipment  Garden/Outdoor Items  Recreational
 Office Supplies  Gardening & Horticulture  Baseball
 Partnerships  Home Decorating  Basketball
 People in Business  Home Improvement  Boats & Boating
 Private Companies  Home Repair  Cycling
 Product Lifecycle Management  Home Textiles/Domestics  Equestrian Sports
 Public Companies  Interiors  Football (American)
 Purchasing  Kitchens  Golf
 Regional Business  Lamps & Lighting  Hunting & Fishing
 Salary Survey  Landscaping  Jogging & Running
 Sales & Sales Management  Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs  Martial Arts & Self-Defense
 Sarbanes-Oxley  Table Tops  Racquetball
 Small Business  Wallcovering  Rock Climbing
 Special Business Sections  Window Treatments  Rugby
 Start-ups  Sailing
 Statistics  Shooting/Guns
 Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Manufacturing & Industrial
 Taxes  Snow Skiing
 Trade  Industrial  Snowboarding
 Trade Shows & Conferences  Chemical Industry  Soccer
 Urban Planning & Development  Industrial Health & Safety  Softball
 Women in Business  Industrial Heating, Plumbing, Refrigeration, AC  Surfing
 Workplace  Instruments, Metrology & Standardization  Swimming/Watersports
 Logistics  Tennis
 Sanitation & Maintenance  Track & Field
 Security  Triathlon

 Asset Management
Industrial Materials 
 Winter Sports
 Bankruptcy  Additives
 Bonds  Adhesives & Sealants
Specialty Sports
 Commodities  Ceramic Materials
Sporting Goods/Equipment
 Consumer Finance  Chemicals
Sports Awards
 Corporate Earnings  Coatings
Sports Business
 Corporate Finance  Composites
Sports Columnist
 Customer Service  Coolants
Sports Instruction
 Equities  Glass
Sports Schedules
 Euromarkets  Hoses
Stadiums & Venues
 Financial Analysis  Industrial Cleaning
Team Ratings & Rankings 
 Financial Management  Insulation
 Financial Service Bureaus  Laminates
 Financial Services & Support  Lubricants
 Fundraising & Volunteerism  Materials Handling
 Hedge Funds  Metals  Computer
 Investments  Nails, Screws & Fasteners  ATE (Automative Test Equipment)
 Markets  Paints & Stains  Collaborative Computing
 Mutual Funds  Paper  Computers
 Personal Finance  PCB Fabrication Supplies  Grid Computing
 Private Equity  Plastics  Hardware Reseller Issues & Trends
 Return on Investment (ROI)  Power Transmissions  Integrated Circuits
 S&P 500  Textiles & Fibers  Laptop Computers
 Securities  Wire & Cable  Memory
 Stock Market  Wood  Microprocessors
 Venture Capital  Midrange & Mainframes
 Manufacturing  Military Components

Industry News 
 Cleaning & Dyeing  Nanotechnology
 Agriculture Industry  Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)  Optical Components
 Apparel Industry  Factory Automation  Optoelectronic Components
 Baking Industry  Fluid Control  Passive Components
 Biotechnology Industry  Identification Equipment  Personal Computers
 Broadcasting Industry  Instrumentation  Power Computing
 Consumer Electronics Industry  Machinery & Tools  Processors
 Defense Industry  Metalworking, Metallurgy, & Machinery  Programmable Logic
 Education Industry  Packaging  Routers
 Engineering Industry  Paper & Pulp Industry  Servers
 Entertainment Industry  Plant Operations & Management  Sound Cards
 Environmental Industry  Process Controls  Supercomputing
 Fashion & Beauty Industry  Product Design  Terminals
 Food & Beverage Industry  Product Inspection  TV/Video Cards
 Food Industry  Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)  Wearable Computers
 Healthcare Industry  Shipbuilding  Workstations
 Insurance Industry  Tires
 Legal Industry
Computer Peripherals
 Manufacturing Industry  Manufacturing
 Maritime Industry  Air Conditioning  DVD Drives
 Media Industry  Blowers  Input Devices
 Restaurant Industry  Filtration Equipment  Monitors
 Salon & Cosmetics Industry  Furnaces  Printers
 Sports Industry News  Heat Exchangers  Scanners
 Technology Industry  Heat Pumps  USB
 Tobacco Industry  Ice Machines
 Transportation & Automotive Industry  Ventilation  Consumer
 Travel Industry  Appliance Retailing

Professional Services
 Audio Video Trade


Advertising Industry
 CD Players
 Albertson’s  Architects  Computer & Video Games
 Alcoa  Architectural Design  Digital Cameras
 Allstate  Buildings & Structures  DVD Players
 American Express  Interior Design  Electronics Retailing
 Berkshire Hathaway  Landscape Architecture  HDTV
 Boeing  Residential Architecture  Home Audio
 Bristol-Myers Squibb  Home Theater
Building & Construction
 Cisco Systems  Allied Building Trades  MP3 Players
 Compaq Computer  Cabinetry  Ovens
 ConAgra  Carpentry & Woodworking  Refrigerators
 ConocoPhillips  Ceilings  Satellite Systems
 Dell Computer  Commercial Development  Stereo Equipment
 Delphi Automotive Systems  Concrete & Masonry  Televisions
 Duke Energy  Construction Engineering  Vacuum Equipment
 Dynegy  Construction Equipment Leasing & Rental
 E.I. du Pont de Nemours  Demolition
Data Security
 El Paso Energy  Doors
Data Storage
 Enron  Electrical
Displays, Graphics, & Imaging
 ExxonMobil  Exteriors
 Fannie Mae
 Ford Motor  HVAC  Analog Technology
 Fortune 500 Companies  Log Buildings  Chips & Chip Technology
 General Electric  Lumber  Controllers
 General Motors  Metal Buildings  Converters
 Hewlett-Packard  Painting  Digital Technology
 Home Depot  Plumbing  Electronic Components
 IBM  Renovation  Lasers
 Intel  Roofing  Lighting & Displays
 International Paper  Sports Facilities  Magnetics
 Lockheed Martin  Storage  Manufacturing Automation
 Lowe’s  Windows  Military Electronics
 Merck  Mobile Electronics
 Metropolitan Life Insurance
Cemeteries & Mortuaries
 Motion Control
Cleaning & Laundry
 Power Supplies
 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Consulting Services
 RF & Microwave
Florists, Garden Centers & Nurseries
 Test & Measurement Equipment
 PepsiCo  Auto Insurance
 Pfizer  Business Insurance  Engineering
 Philip Morris  Casualty Insurance  Aerospace Engineering
 Procter & Gamble  Disaster Insurance  Agricultural Engineering
 Reliant Energy  Health Insurance  Automotive Engineering
 Safeway  Insurance Adjusters  Biomedical Engineering
 SAP  Insurance Brokers  Chemical Engineering
 Sara Lee  Life Insurance  Civil Engineering
 SBC Communications  Pension & Benefits Plans  Computer Engineering
 Sears Roebuck  Property Insurance  Design Engineering
 Sprint  Reinsurance  Electrical Engineering
 State Farm Insurance Cos.  Travel Insurance  Electromechanical Engineering
 Sun Microsystems, Inc  Environmental Engineering
 Industrial Engineering
 Time Warner Inc.  Arbitration  Land Surveying & Mapping
 United Parcel Service  Civil Law  Marine Engineering
 United Technologies  Corporate Law  Material Science
 UnitedHealth Group  Criminal Law  Mechanical Engineering
 Verizon Communications  Family Law  Mining
 Wachovia  Intellectual Property Law  Naval Engineering
 Wal-Mart Stores  Law Firms  Optical Engineering
 Walgreens  Law Schools  Petroleum Engineering
 Walt Disney  Laws  Reengineering
 Wells Fargo  Lawyers  Structural Engineering
 Legal Ethics  Technical
 Legal Technology  Vibration & Waves

Energy & Environment
 Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights
Information Systems
 Energy  Personal Injury Law
 Alternative/Renewable Energy  Real Estate Law  Access/Service Providers
 Coal  Regulatory Issues  Commercial Internet Services
 Electricity  Content Management
 Energy Conservation
 Directory Service
 Nuclear Power
 Domain Names
 Petroleum & Gas  B-to-B Marketing  e-learning
 Power  B-to-C Marketing  E-mail
 Public Utilities (eg Water & Sanitation)  Branding  Instant Messenger Service
 Demographics  Internet & Children
& Conservation 
 Direct Marketing  Internet Appliances
 Air Quality  Event Marketing  Internet Broadcasting
 Animals  Market Research  Internet Fraud
 Climate Change  Promotions  Internet Law & Policy
 Eco Friendly Products  Targeting & Segmenting  Internet Protocols (IP)
 Ecology  Telemarketing  Internet Security
 Ecotourism  Net Culture
 Environment & Development Policies
Public Relations Industry
 Online Entertainment
 Environmental Business
Publishing Industry
 Environmental Contamination Control  Book Publishing  Web 2.0
 Environmentalists  Desktop Publishing  Web design/Web development
 Global Warming  Directories  Web Hosting
 E-Publishing  Web Site
 Hazardous Materials  Interactive Media Publishing  Wireless Internet Access
 Hydrology  Magazine Publishers
 Natural Disasters  Newspaper Publishers
 Natural Resources  Printing
IS/IT Security
 Overpopulation  Publishing Software
 Ozone Depletion  Audio
 Parks & Preserves  Real
 Digital Music
 Pollution Control  Commercial Real Estate  Digital Photography
 Recycling  Corporate Housing  Digital Printing
 Sustainable Development  Health Care Facilities  Distributed Multimedia
 Waste Management  Industrial Real Estate  DVDs
 Water Resources  Luxury Real Estate  Interactive Media
 Wildlife Conservation  Property Investment  MPEG
 Property Management & Maintenance  Multimedia Software
 Real Estate Agencies  Streaming Media

 Real Estate Appraisal  Video
 Real Estate Auctions  Video On Demand
 Educational Policy  Real Estate Developers
 Realtors  Networking
 Educational Standards & Testing  REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)  Connectivity
 Relocation Services  DSL
 Educational Teaching & Curriculum  Rental Property  Enterprise Networking
 Residential Real Estate  Ethernet Technology
 Educational Technology  Home Networking
 Schools & Institutions
 Network Design
 Network Infrastructure

Fashion & Beauty
 CRM-Customer Relationship Management  Network Operating Systems
 Inventory Control  Network Protocols
& Grooming 
 Merchandising  Network Security
 Beauty Supplies  Point of Purchase Displays  Network Services
 Beauty Tips  Retail Fixtures  Network Systems Management
 Cosmetics  Signage  Networking Hardware
 Dieting  Vending Carts & Kiosks  Networking Software & Operating Systems
 Fragrances  Vending Machines  Office Automation
 Hair  Optical Networking
 Nail Care/Manicures  Retail
 Public Networks
 Personal Care  Remote Access
 Salons/Barber Shops  Shopping
& Shopping Centers 
 Spas & Retreats  Consumer Interest  Wireless Networking
 Convenience Stores
 Fashion  Grocery Stores
Operating Systems & Environments
 Apparel  Home Centers
Personal Communications
 Athletic wear  Jewelry Stores
 Bridal/Formal Styles  Music Stores
 Children’s Fashion  Shopping  Artificial Intelligence
 Costuming  Shopping Center Operations  Business Applications
 Fashion Accessories  Store Fixtures / Displays  Business Intelligence
 Fashion Design  Toy Stores  Business Process Management (BPM)
 Fashion Modeling  Wholesale Clubs  CAD
 Fashion Photography  Database Systems
 Fashion Shows  Wholesale  Document Management Software
 Footwear  Executive Information Systems
 Fur  Groupware
 Leather  Human Resources Management Software
 Men’s Fashion
 Integrated Software
 New Fashion Trends  Mainframe Computing
Airline Inflight
 Maintenance Software
 Management Applications
Budget Travel
 Microsoft Office
 Teen Fashion
Business Travel
 Personal Computer Systems
 Project Management Software
Car Travel
 Service Oriented Architecture
 Vintage Fashion Trends
 Software Engineering
 Women’s Fashion
Family Travel
 Software Utilities & Backup
Frequent Flyer Programs
 SOHO (Small Office Home Office)


 Training Software

Food & Beverages
 Attractions/Tours  Web Services
 Bars, Clubs & Pubs  Word Processors
 Beverages  Bed & Breakfast  Workflow Applications
 Alcohol & Spirits  Hostels
 Beverage Distributors  Hotels/Motels
Standards & Protocols
 Beverage Manufacturers  Meetings & Conventions
 Beverage Supplies & Equipment  Resorts  Bandwidth
 Bottlers  RV Parks & Grounds  Cabling & Wiring
 Coffee  Timeshares  Call Centers
 Juice  Data Conferencing
 Soft Drinks
Luxury Travel
 Fiber Optics

Rental Cars
 Operation Support Systems (OSS)
 Telecommunication Services
 Baked Goods
Travel Agents/Agencies
 Telecommunications Equipment
 Catering & Foodservice
Travel Transportation
 Telecommunications Networks
 Telecommunications Regulation
 Cooking & Baking
Visitor’s Guides
 Desserts & Sweets  Teleconferencing
 Ethnic Foods  Telephone Service
 Food Conventions & Trade Shows  Telephony
 Food Distributors & Wholesalers  Voice & Voice Systems
 Food Services  Web Conferencing
 Frozen & Prepared Foods
 Gourmet Foods
 Manufacturing & Food Processing
 Meat & Poultry
 Natural Foods
 Produce  Aerospace
 Restaurant & Food Service  Air Traffic Control
 Sauces  Airlines
 Seafood  Airplanes
 Snack Foods  Airports
 Space Shuttle

Mass Transit/Public Transportation 

Roads & Traffic 

Shipping & Warehousing 

RADIO FORMATS: Adult Contemporary, Country, Ethnic, Gospel, Contemporary Hits, International, Jazz, Business, Classical, News, Oldies, Public Radio, Religious, Rock, Sports, Talk, Urban Contemporary, Educational, Non-commercial, Black, Rhythm, Blues, Hispanic, Easy Listening. All radio networks/broadcast are included in the Download (National & Regional).