Media Contacts Database List and Directory, London UK


Data Type: All
Area / Location: London, UK
No. of Records: 15,600+
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London is a major international communications centre with a virtually unrivalled number of media outlets. Almost all of the major media organizations in the UK are based in London. Much of the British media is concentrated in London and is sometimes accused of having a “London bias”. All the major television networks are head-quartered in London including the BBC, which remains one of the world’s most influential media organisations, and the largest Broadcaster in the world.

There is a huge choice of radio stations available in London. Local city-wide stations include music-based stations such as Absolute RadioCapital 95.8Kiss 100Magic 105.4Heart 106.2 and Xfm. Popular news/talk stations include BBC LondonLBC 97.3 and LBC News 1152.

London has two city-wide daily newspaper titles – the Evening Standard and Metro, both of which are available on the streets and at London tube and railway stations.

London is also at the centre of British film and television production industries, with major studio facilities on the western fringes of the conurbation and a large post-production industry centred in Soho

Database Particulars:

London 15625
Cable network 12
Cable program 4
Cable station 109
Cable, foreign bureau 5
College newspaper 17
Database 5
Directory 12
Freelance journalist 424
Future events/diary service 4
Industry research organization 2
Magazine, consumer 3067
Magazine, customer/inflight 81
Magazine, e-mail 15
Magazine, fanzine 4
Magazine, foreign bureau 24
Magazine, guide/listings 126
Magazine, news and business 262
Magazine, regional bureau 1
Magazine, regional edition 11
Magazine, trade/technical 2769
News Agency/Wire service 409
News Agency/Wire service, foreign bureau 118
News Agency/Wire service, regional bureau 4
Newsletter, consumer 32
Newsletter, trade 76
Newspaper 2866
Newspaper, foreign bureau 96
Newspaper, regional bureau 32
Newspaper, regional edition 13
Online broadcaster 14
Online news source 292
Online publication 908
Organization 54
Photo agency 21
Politician (UK) 648
Production/programming provider 14
Publication, academic/scientific 33
Radio network 3
Radio production company 29
Radio program 341
Radio station 315
Radio, foreign bureau 19
Special section 1296
Syndicate 4
Television network 52
Television production company 146
Television program 238
Television station 255
Television, foreign bureau 25
Weblog 318

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