Media Contacts Database List and Directory, Chicago IL


Data Type: All
Area / Location: Chicago, IL
No. of Records: 3,500+
File Type: CSV



The Chicago metropolitan area (the Chicago Market) commands the third-largest media market in the United States after New York City and Los Angeles and the largest inland market. All of the major U.S. television networks have subsidiaries in Chicago. WGN-TV, which is owned by the Tribune Company, is carried (with some programming differences) as ‘WGN America’ on cable and satellite nationwide. Sun-Times Media Group is also head-quartered in Chicago who, along with the Tribune Company, are some the largest owners of daily newspapers in the world.

Database Particulars:

Chicago 3526
Cable network 10
Cable program 7
Cable station 5
Cable, regional bureau 4
College newspaper 49
Freelance journalist 36
Industry research organization 13
Magazine, consumer 558
Magazine, e-mail 3
Magazine, foreign bureau 2
Magazine, guide/listings 8
Magazine, news and business 34
Magazine, regional bureau 32
Magazine, trade/technical 586
News Agency/Wire service 8
News Agency/Wire service, regional bureau 66
Newsletter, consumer 28
Newsletter, trade 64
Newspaper 559
Newspaper, regional bureau 28
Online news source 12
Online publication 105
Organization 12
Production/programming provider 2
Publication, academic/scientific 76
Radio network 10
Radio program 174
Radio station 416
Radio, regional bureau 4
Special section 12
Syndicate 13
Syndicated column 96
Television network 8
Television production company 5
Television program 111
Television station 334
Television, regional bureau 19
Weblog 17
East Chicago 2
Magazine, consumer 2
West Chicago 4
Magazine, consumer 4
Grand Total 3532

Fields Contained within the Database: