Media Contacts Database List and Directory, New York City NY


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Area / Location: New York City, NY
No. of Records: 18,600+
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The media of New York City are internationally influential, and include some of the most important newspapers, largest publishing houses, most prolific television studios, and biggest record companies in the world. It is a major global center for the television, music, newspaper, book and magazine publishing industries.

New York is also the largest media market in North America (followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto).  Three of the “Big Four” record labels are also based in the city, as well as in Los Angeles. One-third of all American independent films are produced in New York. More than 200 newspapers and 350 consumer magazines have an office in the city and book-publishing industry employs about 25,000 people.

The television industry developed in New York and is a significant employer in the city’s economy. The four major American broadcast networks, ABCCBSFox and NBC, are all headquartered in New York. Many cable channels are based in the city as well, including MTVFox NewsHBOand Comedy Central.

Database Particulars:

New York 18648
Cable network 366
Cable program 294
Cable station 25
Cable, foreign bureau 11
Cable, regional bureau 115
College newspaper 72
Freelance journalist 201
Industry research organization 120
Magazine, consumer 4308
Magazine, customer/inflight 4
Magazine, e-mail 13
Magazine, foreign bureau 63
Magazine, guide/listings 21
Magazine, news and business 490
Magazine, regional bureau 72
Magazine, regional edition 1
Magazine, trade/technical 1970
News Agency/Wire service 496
News Agency/Wire service, foreign bureau 49
News Agency/Wire service, regional bureau 304
Newsletter, consumer 49
Newsletter, trade 251
Newspaper 1649
Newspaper, foreign bureau 34
Newspaper, regional bureau 182
Newspaper, regional edition 3
Online broadcaster 27
Online news source 377
Online publication 840
Organization 90
Photo agency 1
Production/programming provider 15
Publication, academic/scientific 160
Radio network 134
Radio program 310
Radio station 396
Radio, foreign bureau 7
Radio, regional bureau 11
Special section 168
Syndicate 46
Syndicated column 3246
Television network 260
Television production company 12
Television program 723
Television station 344
Television, foreign bureau 24
Television, regional bureau 39
Weblog 255
New York Mills 1
Magazine, regional bureau 1
West New York 1
Freelance journalist 1
Grand Total 18650

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