Media Contacts Database List and Directory, Georgia USA


Data Type: All
Area / Location: Georgia, USA
No. of Records: 4,800+
File Type: CSV



The Media in Georgia is relatively accessible and caters to a wide variety of audiences. A large percentage of households have a television, and most have at least one radio. The large majority of Georgia’s media companies (including television, newspaper and radio) are head-quartered in Tbilisi.

Database Particulars:

Georgia 4809
Cable network 304
Cable program 49
Cable station 37
Cable, regional bureau 5
College newspaper 97
Freelance journalist 43
Industry research organization 17
Magazine, consumer 495
Magazine, e-mail 4
Magazine, guide/listings 2
Magazine, news and business 49
Magazine, regional bureau 3
Magazine, regional edition 4
Magazine, trade/technical 429
News Agency/Wire service 11
News Agency/Wire service, regional bureau 33
Newsletter, consumer 20
Newsletter, trade 82
Newspaper 1148
Newspaper, regional bureau 43
Online broadcaster 3
Online news source 69
Online publication 34
Organization 4
Production/programming provider 4
Publication, academic/scientific 23
Radio network 34
Radio program 52
Radio station 1147
Radio, regional bureau 7
Special section 11
Syndicate 2
Syndicated column 3
Television network 6
Television production company 2
Television program 32
Television station 486
Television, regional bureau 8
Weblog 7

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