FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


1. WHAT FORMAT are your media directories?

CSV / Excel format (can be opened in almost any software on the market, such as Microsoft Excel.
2. Is it easy to use?

If you have Excel, you know how easy it is to use our data and sort them as you need to based on any criteria (such as company name, media type, address, state, contact preference, name, and the possibilities are limitless).

If you don’t have Excel, it’s OK too. Our data also simply IMPORTS into your database, mailing list or word processing program. No new software to learn, and no installation problems. You may easily add or delete fields or modify the data in any way.

3. Can I buy CUSTOM Media Contacts of my own choice?

Yes. Do you just need Radio or TV stations in California or Weekly newspapers in Wisconsin? Black or Hispanic media? Magazines in the entertainment or real estate industry? You can begin your publicity efforts in just a few minutes and at a fraction of the cost of any other media directory currently published. Click to download your CUSTOM media selection now.

4. How often do you update your data?
Media Contacts Pro provides detailed information on individual staff, with more than two million updates since last year, so you can be sure your contact information is accurate and current. It is updated daily.
5. What data is included for each contact?
All the necessary contact information you need to create massive publicity is included. Media Directory (each of the 500,000+ staff listings) include:

  • First & last name


6. What type of Media do you sell?
Cable network
Cable production company
Cable program
Cable station
Cable TV Networks
Cable TV Shows
Cable, foreign bureau
Cable, regional bureau
College newspaper
Freelance journalist
Future events/diary service
General Web Sites
Industry research organization
Magazine, consumer
Magazine, customer/inflight
Magazine, e-mail
Magazine, fanzine
Magazine, foreign bureau
Magazine, guide/listings
Magazine, news and business
Magazine, regional bureau
Magazine, regional edition
Magazine, trade/technical
News Agency/Wire service, foreign bureau
News Agency/Wire service, regional bureau
News Services/Syndicates
Newsletter, consumer
Newsletter, trade
Newspaper, foreign bureau
Newspaper, regional bureau
Newspaper, regional edition
Newspaper (daily, weekly)
Online broadcaster
Online news source
Online publication
Photo agency
Production Companies (Radio)
Production Companies (TV)
Production/programming provider
Publication, academic/scientific
Radio network
Radio program
Radio Shows
Radio Stations (AM)
Radio Stations (FM)
Radio, foreign bureau
Radio, regional bureau
Research Firms
Special section
Syndicated column
Television network
Television production company
Television program
Television station
Television, foreign bureau
Television, regional bureau
Television Show
7. How do you compare to the major competitors, other Media Contacts providers?
We essentially have the same data as the most well known Media Contacts & Database selling companies in the US. One major difference is that we provide the data to you as a download for you to manipulate the data as you need it without having to use a third party software that you are unfamiliar with. If you have used Excel or Outlook, you won’t need to learn another software.We also have the lowest price guarantee for what you get.
1. How often should we send a press release?A single press release is much less likely to result in press than a weekly or monthly press release. It is important to view each press release as part of an ongoing media campaign.2. How soon will you send my press release out?Once we receive your press release, we can send it out within 24 hours. We send press releases out Monday through Friday 8-5 PST.3. How do you send press releases?Our list of media contacts have opted-in to receive press releases either by email or fax. We send the press release based upon their preferred method of distribution.

4. How is your media contact list targeted?

Our list is targeted by industry categories: Click to see details

5. Does your contact list include all media in the U.S. and WORLDWIDE?

Media Contacts Pro has one of the most extensive worldwide media lists available. We are constantly adding to and updating our list and more than 99.1% of the media are on our list. Click to see our Shop.

6. Can my press release be considered SPAM?

No. We are notifying the media who have a desire to be kept informed of newsworthy events. Moreover, every media outlet on our list has opted in, which greatly increases your chances of media coverage.

7. What makes your press release services different from your competitors?

1. Media Contacts Pro has one of the most extensive US & worldwide media lists available, over 450,000+ media contacts.

2. All media have opted-in to accept press releases.

3. We are able to precisely target the media that is most likely to pick up your news or story.

4. We allow images or pictures to be placed in press releases for effectiveness. 5. Our low price guarantee makes our service very affordable for small businesses.

8. Why are your prices so low?

Most businesses that offer a comparable service to ours are charging at least 2-5 times as much as us. We keep our prices low because we know that once smaller companies succeed in getting media coverage, they realize that they can’t exist without continuous press release distribution and come back to us on a regular basis.

9. I am a small operation with a limited budget. Is your service for me?

Of course. We kept small businesses in mind when choosing our pricing plan.

10. When should I issue a press release?

Click to see more information.

11. How do I insert an image into my press release?

Simply send us an email with the image as an attachment at the time you sent us payment.

12. What do you guarantee?

We only guarantee that your release will be distributed to a targeted list of media contacts. We cannot promise that every press release sent will receive media coverage. The fact is that a poorly done press release will be passed up by the media. Also, it often takes repeated reminders to the media in the form of more press releases to get their interest. You must be persistent in order to be successful at getting free publicity. If you are able to get good publicity, it will remarkably improve your business.

13. How quickly does the media use my press release?

Trade publications, magazines and some other sources can take months to use your press release because of their printing schedule. Daily and weekly newspapers can run it the same day or within a couple of weeks.