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New South Wales and Victoria were introduced to television in 1956, with the other states following suit up to 1971 (the Northern Territory). Colour television was introduced in 1975.

Approximately 25% of Australian households had access to pay television services by the end of 2005. The main provider is Foxtel in both metropolitan, regional and rural areas offering nearly all Australian channels via cable & satellite TV in capital cities, and mostly the same channels are offered by Foxtel via satellite TV (predominantly) in regional areas with the recent merger with Austar in 2012.

There are 2 national and 10 state/territory daily newspapers, 37 regional dailies and 470 other regional and suburban newspapers.

Australia’s first regular radio broadcasts began on 13 November 1923 with station 2SB (later to become 2BL) in Sydney. The ABC began broadcasting in 1932. Currently there are 274 operational commercial stations (funded by advertising) and 341 community (publicly funded) radio stations.

Controls over media ownership in Australia are laid down in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992, administered by the ACMA.

Database Particulars:

Cable network 21
Cable program 17
Cable station 168
Cable, foreign bureau 6
Cable, regional bureau 3
College newspaper 67
Database 4
Directory 14
Freelance journalist 294
Future events/diary service 1
Industry research organization 3
Magazine, consumer 2152
Magazine, customer/inflight 97
Magazine, e-mail 19
Magazine, fanzine 1
Magazine, foreign bureau 9
Magazine, guide/listings 128
Magazine, news and business 192
Magazine, regional bureau 7
Magazine, regional edition 3
Magazine, trade/technical 1072
News Agency/Wire service 117
News Agency/Wire service, foreign bureau 118
News Agency/Wire service, regional bureau 83
Newsletter, consumer 80
Newsletter, trade 203
Newspaper 5208
Newspaper, foreign bureau 20
Newspaper, regional bureau 249
Online broadcaster 6
Online news source 315
Online publication 374
Organization 301
Photo agency 17
Production/programming provider 92
Publication, academic/scientific 177
Radio network 29
Radio production company 13
Radio program 1947
Radio station 3569
Radio, foreign bureau 2
Radio, regional bureau 42
Special section 731
Syndicated column 2
Television network 2
Television production company 19
Television program 616
Television station 940
Television, foreign bureau 18
Television, regional bureau 44
Grand Total 19612

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