Media Contacts Database List and Directory, Cincinnati OH


Data Type: All
Area / Location: Cincinnati, OH
No. of Records: 1200+
File Type: CSV



Cincinnati, Ohio is served by one daily newspaper, the Cincinnati Enquirer and six alternative, weekly, and monthly publications. It is home to ten television stations and numerous radio stations.

Database Particulars:

College newspaper 32
Freelance journalist 6
Magazine, consumer 148
Magazine, news and business 36
Magazine, trade/technical 77
News Agency/Wire service, regional bureau 6
Newsletter, consumer 3
Newsletter, trade 5
Newspaper 263
Online news source 10
Online publication 18
Organization 6
Publication, academic/scientific 14
Radio program 56
Radio station 252
Radio, regional bureau 4
Syndicated column 6
Television program 20
Television station 244
Grand Total 1206

Fields Contained within the Database: