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Area / Location: Richmond, VA
No. of Records: 400+
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According to statistics for 2011–2012, the Richmond, Virginia market area is the 57th largest Designated Market Area in the United States, with 559,390 households. Richmond is served by a variety of communication media:

The local daily newspaper in Richmond is the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The Richmond Free Press and the Richmond Voice are weekly newspapers that cover the news from a predominantly African American perspective. The only Hispanic magazine in the state La Voz Hispana de Virginia provides significant cultural and news content in both English and Spanish.

Richmond is also served by several television stations.

Database Particulars:

Richmond 448
College newspaper 14
Freelance journalist 3
Magazine, consumer 47
Magazine, news and business 5
Magazine, regional edition 2
Magazine, trade/technical 18
News Agency/Wire service, regional bureau 5
Newsletter, consumer 2
Newsletter, trade 2
Newspaper 80
Newspaper, regional bureau 16
Online publication 2
Organization 1
Publication, academic/scientific 4
Radio program 6
Radio station 87
Radio, regional bureau 1
Special section 2
Television program 3
Television station 132
Television, regional bureau 16

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